The giving up of all evil; The cultivation of the good;
The cleansing of one's mind; This is the Buddha'a teaching.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Global Sinhala Dhamma Discussion Series (Teleconference): 113th Meeting (January 9, 2010)

The teleconference on Saturday, January 9, 2010, 7:00PM-9:00PM (EST), will be conducted in the form of a Dhamma Deshana on:

Satipatthana Sutta (The Foundations of Mindfulness) - Part 1: Mindfulness of Body (The Contemplation of the body) - “Kayanupassana”


Ven. Panamwela Wajirabuddhi of Georgia Buddhist Vihara, GA, USA, followed by a Question and Answer / Discussion session on the same topic.

Please note that the above Dhamma Deshana will be the first of a series of four invaluable Dhamma Deshanas based on Satipatthana Sutta (The Foundations of Mindfulness). Here are the details:

Part 1: Mindfulness of Body (The contemplation of the body) – “Kayanupassana” [Date: January 9, 2010]

Part 2: Mindfulness of Feelings (The contemplation of the feelings) – “Vedananaupassana” [Date: January 16, 2010]

Part 3: Mindfulness of Mind (The contemplation of consciousness) – “Chittanupassana” [Date: January 23, 2010]

Part 4: Mindfulness of Dhamma (The contemplation of mental objects) – “Dhammanupassana” [Date: January 30, 2010]

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